Basics of Plastic Repair (PU-BPR)

1 hour

Course Information:
This online course is designed to give students the basic knowledge they will need to repair plastic. This is a great course for technicians or automotive students.

The Basics of Plastic Repair course teaches the student how to identify plastic, decide the proper repair method, and prep plastic for repair. This course demonstrates six different repair methods, including nitrogen fusion welding and adhesive repairs. The course also explains the refinish process of repaired plastic and new raw plastic bumper covers.

Plastic is a versatile material that is used in numerous products and applications. Plastic can be found in packaging, electronics, home goods, vehicles, agricultural equipment, recreational vehicles, and more. The Basics of Plastic Repair course is an introductory course for anyone interested in the repair of plastic. The methods used in this course can be applied to virtually any damaged plastic.

Time Requirements:
This course will take approximately one hour to complete. It is broken up into several bite-sized lessons, so you can complete it on your schedule. The average lesson length is 3.5 minutes.

Completion Requirements:
Each lesson must be completed in order. Each slide in a lesson must be viewed for the lesson to count as “completed.” The first three quizzes do not require a passing score, but the student must pass the final quiz with a score of 70% or better to complete the course.

No prior training course experience necessary.

If an Internet connection is available, this course can be completed on a desktop or laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Audio is used throughout the course. Your pop-up blocker may prevent you from taking the course, or it may prompt you to temporarily allow pop-ups. The Tortal website runs best in Google Chrome. For the best visual experience, take the course on a desktop or laptop.

Course Materials:
PDF documents containing links to supporting material can be found on this page. The links can be opened and bookmarked for future reference.

A certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the course. You will be also able to view the certificate by clicking on the "My Information" tab and selecting "My Certificates." You will be able to print the certificate if you wish.

Other Training:
This course is an online course covering the basics of plastic repair. If you would like more in-depth training, contact Polyvance at 800-633-3047 or to learn about your training options.

If you feel like you have gained something from this course, please consider donating. These courses are costly and time-consuming to make.
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Course Objectives

• Identify plastic
• Perform a weld test
• Decide the proper repair method
• Prepare plastic for repair
• Perform an airless fusion weld
• Repair plastic with FiberFlex® universal repair rod
• Perform an airless weld on thermoset polyurethane
• Understand the basic nitrogen welding process
• Perform a nitrogen fusion weld
• Perform a two-part adhesive repair
• Repair rigid plastic with PlastiFix®
• Refinish repaired plastics
• Refinish new raw plastic bumper covers


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Completion of this course (all lessons must be passed or completed) will earn credit towards the following certificate(s):

  • Basics of Plastic Repair

LEARNING OBJECTS INCLUDED - eLearning and Live Training

Title Status
BPRL1 - Plastic Identification Not Enrolled
BPRL2 - Performing a Weld Test Not Enrolled
BPRL3 - Plastic Identification Quiz Not Enrolled
BPRL4 - Deciding the Repair Method Not Enrolled
BPRL5 - Preparing Plastic for All Repairs Not Enrolled
BPRL6 - Airless Fusion Welding Not Enrolled
BPRL7 - FiberFlex Repair Not Enrolled
BPRL8 - Thermoset Urethane Repair Not Enrolled
BPRL9 - Airless Welding Quiz Not Enrolled
BPRL10 - Basic Nitrogen Welding Process Not Enrolled
BPRL11 - Nitrogen Fusion Welding Not Enrolled
BPRL12 - Nitrogen Welding Quiz Not Enrolled
BPRL13 - Two-Part Adhesive Repair Not Enrolled
BPRL14 - PlastiFix Repair Not Enrolled
BPRL15 - Refinishing Repaired Plastics Not Enrolled
BPRL16 - Refinishing Raw Plastic Bumper Covers Not Enrolled
BPRL17 - Course Overview (Final Quiz) Not Enrolled
Lessons in this course must be completed in order.


BPR - Resources - 75 KB: PDF format.
BPR - Two-Part Adhesive Selection Guide - 70 KB: PDF format.


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