PR-03 Headlight Repair Course

1 hour

This online course demonstrates the repair of headlight tabs using the nitrogen plastic welder.

This video-based course consists of short segments that provide step-by-step instructions for repairing headlight tabs with different designs. This course teaches students how to identify the plastic of different headlight components; determine the repairability of a headlight; and fixture, repair, and refinish headlight tab.s

Some of the most common headlight tab designs are waffle, ridged, and smooth. This course demonstrates the repair and refinish of each of these designs.


You will need to complete both a pre-test and a post-test online evaluation to determine your knowledge transfer. Students achieving a score of 80% or more on the post-test will be provided a certificate of completion.

The time requirement for this course is about one hour. You may stop the course at any time and restart at the same point later.

I-CAR credits are not included.

Course Objectives

  • Evaluate whether a damaged headlight is repairable or unrepairable
  • Identify the plastic used for different headlight components
  • Identify and reinforce weak areas on a broken headlight tab
  • Fixture broken tabs for repair using hot staples and aluminum tape
  • Fusion weld broken headlight tabs with a nitrogen plastic welder
  • Refinish a repaired headlight to original appearance


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Completion of this course (all lessons must be passed or completed) will earn credit towards the following certificate(s):

  • PR-03 Certificate

LEARNING OBJECTS INCLUDED - eLearning and Live Training

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PR-03 Headlight Repair Pre-Test Not Enrolled
PR-03 Headlight Repair Course & Post-Test Not Enrolled


PR-03 Headlight Repair Course Information Flyer - 282 KB: PDF format.
PR-03 Headlight Repair Course Student Manual - 1.53 MB: PDF format.


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